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Discover Our Equivalent Reagents for Medical Devices

We offer high quality standards, fully compatible, easily accessible and equivalent reagents.

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ISE Module / Electrode Set Maintenance and Renewal Service

About the replacement service of electrodes that lose their stability as a result of faulty reagents or give faulty results ... Biochemis

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Easy measurement with detergent determination kit in process or dishes.

COVID19 korunumu için deterjanlar ile yapılan temizlikler önemlidir. - Bulaşık yıkamalarda, - Proses yıka

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Agrocol supports our farmers for efficient production.

Many pesticides and fertilizers are used for greenhouse or outdoor agriculture. When the fertilizers or medicines used are used without w

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We attended Expomed 2016 Fair with our new products

For the first time, we exhibited the products we produce in the medical field at Expomed'2016. We continued our production in biochem

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Bleaching and Peroxide Stabilization of Calcium, Magnesium Salts and Iron Compounds on Cotton

Farklı kimyasalların veya kombinasyonların kasar şartlarındaki aktiviteleri, kumaşın sertliğini ve ağır metal iyonlarını giderebilme ile p

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Tekstil Terbiye ve Boyama Teknolojisi - Makaleler kitabı hakkında

Bu kitap, tekstil fabrika ortamında çalışılarak, güncel bilgiler ışığında hazırlanmış ve bilim kongrelerinde sunulmuş akademik düzeyde

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Our Recommendations for Efficiency in Textile Dyeing

Many companies with large investments in textiles had to start different searches outside of textile. Increasing costs, especially the increase in the

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Example of sizing work on a fabric

Permeate and fabric images resulting from a study with our size test kit

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Colin Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
To meet your scientific preferences; offer specific solutions. 21 years...

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