ISE Module / Electrode Set Maintenance and Renewal Service

About the replacement service of electrodes that lose their stability as a result of faulty reagents or give faulty results ...

About the replacement service of electrodes that lose their stability as a result of faulty reagents or give faulty results ...

Biochemistry Auto Analyzer ISE (Ion Selective Electrode) Module / Electrode Sets are produced from highly engineered membranes.

Although they are biochemistry autoanalyzer manufacturers in the world, there are a limited number of manufacturers due to the lack of electrode production technology in every company.

The electrode manufacturers that provide electrodes to almost all companies are Japanese A&T and Toshiba and American Medica companies.

Electrode manufacturers modify the sets according to the autoanalyzer brand.

For example, the electrical constants, resistances, membrane dimensions and operating principles of electrodes supplied to A&T, Beckman Coulter and Mindray devices are different.

The electrode membrane, which is basically composed of crown ether, is produced in a characteristic feature for each device due to the difference in conductive fluid, working pressure, working osmolarity and pH range.

The devices are damaged for many reasons such as using wrong solution, wrong cleaning, leaving dry, not using appropriate detergent.

Unless dissolving into nanoparticles, which is the basic principle of blood counting solutions, in these highly engineered electrodes, the electrodes produced from filter-shaped membranes are easily damaged and become unusable.

The solutions we produce as Colin are shipped to these electrode sets after they pass the appropriate level of quality control.

Since the electrodes are based on selective membrane technology, the solution to be used decreases or enlarges the pore diameter due to the fugasite formed on the membrane pore width.

For example, if a pH electrode is kept in pure water for a long time or if it is used too much in an organic pH buffer, it starts to give serious errors in the measurement due to the change in pore width. Correction for this effect can be recovered by treatment under appropriate pressure / temperature, in suitable solvent, and for appropriate time.

The production technology of electrodes also affects their prices.

This is why pH electrode manufacturing technology is easy and cheap.

As Colin, we safely carry out the maintenance and renewal of damaged electrodes that have been used for 3 months or less and that are based on the use of faulty solution / washer.

You can call or write to us for your electrodes that are out of use before the expiration date.

After the electrodes are purified from usage pollution with special solutions, crown ether po sizes are stabilized with appropriate pressure and vacuum and delivered in renewed form.

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