Detection of Chloric Acid in Acetic Acid Kit

Determines the presence of chloric acid in acid, which is used to increase acid strength. Does not make chloric acid amount detection.
Intended Use and Features

Are your colors changing in fabric dyeing?

Are the parts in your machine prematurely worn out?

Do your staff using acid suffer from shortness of breath?


Your acetic acid may be fortified with chloric acid.

Chloric acid and sulfuric acid are often found in acetic acids due to the race to offer more economical products.

This set determines the presence of acetic acid chloric acid.

Does not measure quantity.

The Chlorine Determination Kit can be used for quantification.

The amount of white precipitate indicates excess chlorine.


Test Kit Usage:

Put 25 drops of ACEY and 5 drops of acetic acid solution to be analyzed into the scaled test tube.

Shake the tube after 5 drops of AAC solution. White blur indicates that acetic acid contains chloric acid.

There may be errors in the treatment with acetic acid containing chloric acid. In general, it destroys stainless metals.

However, it has a significant negative effect on blue colors.

In addition, the purchase of more economical chloric acid instead of acetic acid is also prevented.


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