Detergent Residue Test Kit - Anionic Detergents

It is used to detect detergent residue after washing, in the environment or on the surface or materials being washed. The test detects residue from washers containing anionic surfactants.
Intended Use and Features

Water Detergent Test Kit - Anionic Detergents

It is used to detect detergent residue in water and machine after all kinds of washing, stainless boilers, food machines, dishwashers, washing machines, fabric washes.

With this test set; Detergent residue detection can be done without using any other tools.

The test detects with anionic surfactants (such as LAS, other sulfonates and sulfate esters).

Washing chemical; It is used for the residue of products that are stated to contain anionic detergent on MSDS, SDS, labels or brochures.

It is colorimetric and is determined as present / absent only. Color intensity depends on concentration.

The color is darker in water with high detergent content.

Since LAS is the most widely used detergent surfactant today, LAS residues are often present in products and water.

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