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Alkalin Cotton - Buffered Alkaline Solution:

It is used as buffer instead of Soda in cotton and viscous dyeings.It is preferred because it is safer and more efficient than soda.
Last update: 3 Haziran 2024 , Pazartesi

Alkalin Cotton: Revitalize Your Dyeing Processes with a Buffered Alkali Solution

Alkalin Cotton is a buffered alkali solution specially developed for the reactive dyeing of cotton and blends. This unique alkali, which can be used as an alternative to traditional soda, offers safer and more efficient dyeing processes.

Setting New Standards in Safety and Efficiency Developed as an alternative to conventional sodium carbonate, Alkalin Cotton stands out for its safety and high efficiency advantages. It prevents sudden pH changes, enabling smooth and highly efficient textile dyeing.

Technical Advantages:

  • Linear dosage provides a stable increase in pH, preventing excessive pH rises.

  • Can raise the pH value up to the optimal level of 11.2, but its buffering capacity ensures the pH does not exceed 13 even with 50% overuse.

  • Effectively prevents pH drops caused by bicarbonates, maintaining stable pH throughout the dyeing process.

Superior Results in Dyeing and Finishing Processes:

  • Ideal for colors that are difficult to dye, ensuring the necessary optimal pH for dye fixation.

  • Imparts more vibrant and brighter colors to fabrics, enriching your dyeing results.

  • Can also be used on delicate fibers, offering a wide application range in textile processing.

Redefine Your Dyeing Processes with Alkalin Cotton Alkalin Cotton is the perfect solution for safe and efficient dyeing operations. Strengthen your textile production with this special alkali solution and achieve more vivid and brighter colors.

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