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DECOCLEAN - Effective Washer for After Reactive Dyeing

For textile dyehouses that need a strong, consistent residue remover in all washes, DecoClean provides an unmatched wash that effectively reduces soiling parameters while reducing the intended wash time. To meet the expectations in removing dye hydrolysates and preventing the liquor from shifting to alkali. is unique.
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General information

DECOCLEAN: The Ultimate Post-Reactive Dye Wash

Introducing DECOCLEAN, a revolutionary solution for the final wash of reactively dyed cotton, viscose, and blends. Designed for textile dye houses in need of a powerful and consistent residue remover, DECOCLEAN effectively reduces contamination parameters while minimizing wash time. It offers a unique solution for removing dye hydrolysates and preventing the drift of the wash towards alkalinity.

Specially Developed DecoClean Performance DecoClean is Colin's newly developed product, specifically for post-reactive dye washing. It provides high washing efficiency while offering a standard and economical washing environment.

Robust Washing Performance DecoClean is the go-to washing agent for business professionals expecting strong post-reactive dye washing performance, being acidic, free of detergents, antifungal, foamless, and organic.

Key Features of DecoClean: Yıkama Sonuçları

  • Neutralization and pH Adjustment: Provides excellent neutralization and balances pH after rinsing.
  • Maintains Set pH: Buffers pH under acidic conditions even at high temperatures.
  • Removes Hydrolyzed Dye, Alkali, and Salts: Safely eliminates hydrolyzed dyestuffs, alkali residues, and salts.
  • High Reproducibility: Ensures all washes are conducted under the same conditions.

Unmatched Performance with Multi-Component Structure DecoClean's multi-component structure delivers maximum washing performance for dyeing recipes that require different washing components and strategies. It significantly reduces the variety of contaminants, achieving a standard wash.

Innovative Cleaning and Alkali Removal Capability DecoClean stands out as a fast, powerful, and stable cleaner needed by textile dye houses. Unlike other washes, it does not require the use of acid or acid buffers in the wash bath, completing the wash while preserving colors without causing alkaline drift.

Redefine Your Washing Processes with DECOCLEAN Rediscover your post-reactive dye washing processes with DECOCLEAN and achieve impeccable cleanliness, color protection, and economic efficiency.

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