Free Fatty Acids (FFA) Test Kit

It determines the free fatty acids (FFA) formed in the oils used in frying. (FFA : Free Fatty Acids)
Intended Use and Features

The health, flavor and quality of frying depends on the quality of the frying oil.

The frying process causes fats and oils to break down over time. The most important product of this degradation is free fatty acids. When these acids exceed the acceptable values, they affect the quality of the fried food and thus affect the quality of the product and the business.

By keeping the oil quality under control, you can protect the image of your business.

With the Tetsonic Fat Free Acid Detection kit, you can test oil easily and economically.

No special training, practice, laboratory equipment or sample preparation is required for this easy and economical method. Simply take 10 drops of oil and measure at any temperature. There is no need to wait.

It has an advantage over test strips.

- The test strip gives different results according to the waiting time in the oil. Dipping more or less gives different results. More dipping produces more acid as it reacts with oil on a larger surface area.

- It may leave a residue in the oil due to the chemicals on the test strip.

- Test strips may give 30% different results depending on the user, depending on the analytical measurement. According to the analytical measurement in our test kit, the margin of error is < 5%.

Free fatty acids are defined as FFA for short in the chemical industry. This abbreviation consists of the initials of the English phrase free fatty acids with the same meaning.

Free fatty acids refer to free fatty acids that are not triglyceride in nature. These fatty acids are present in large amounts in crude oil, but their amount decreases to a certain level when the oil is refined.

1 mg of KOH used to neutralize the free fatty acid in 1 gram of oil; 1 refers to the Acid Number.

According to the Turkish Food Codex Communiqué on Edible Oils Mentioned by the Name of Plants, the acid number is;

► In refined oils, maximum 0.6 mg of KOH per 1 gram of oil,

► Maximum 4.0 mg KOH per 1 gram of oil in cold pressed and extra virgin oils,

► In extra virgin palm oil, maximum 10.0 mg KOH per 1 gram of oil is determined.

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